Kendall and Kylie game

My sister’s favorite phone game is the “KENDALL and KYLIE game”, which I would like to make a review about.

The game is based on the lives of two sisters, who work hard ,who travel the world and make every girl’s dreams reality. In the game you play as yourself and you have to reach popularity and earn money by doing different missions. That game makes me forget about my real life and it is really relaxing living a whole another life , even though it is virtual. Sometimes it is good to forget about everything and just enjoy the game.

But there are also some disadvantages , which i would like to outline. As many other games, you become addicted to it, you always want to play the game again and again , until you complete all your missions and it sometimes take too much time to get over it and start doing your homework. The game makes you believe that this is happening in real life , so that is perhaps the biggest disadvantage.

However, the game is for girls, andIi would absolutely recommend it, even though there can be some details you should think about in advance.

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