My favorite phone applications – Instagram

My favurite phone application is Instagram. I like to spend some of my free time watching photos and videos on this application.

Instagram is Favo, an application where people from all over the world рассказывает share photos of their own or something they like. It makes sharing moments with everyone easy, speedy and fun. You can follow not only your friends, but celebrities, fashion wholesale jerseys icons Le and photographers and you can see what they’re doing at the moment or something like that. Also, there are many effects which you can put on your photo or video and make it look better.

I like this application because every time I open it, I see new photos and videos from my friends and breathtaking moments shared by celebrities, which I follow. They share backstage moments and videos of insane concerts, also their hairstyles and makeup.

I will recommend this application to everyone who likes fashion, photography and everything which can be shared by photo or video.

This app is kind of a social media app in which people share their memoirs through pictures and not for a while through videos. It is mainly an app for phones but there is also a PC version of it.
It is user-friendly and by one simple step you can easily share your photos either videos or make new ones with your phone camera.

In it you can create your own collection of memoirs and share them with your family or friends. You can comment or ‘like’ whichever photo you like, too. Moreover you can see what other people share freely by clicking the button ‘explore’. You can also follow people’s profiles which you like and see what they share in your news feed.

I would truly recommend this app for people who are into photography or just want to see what their friends and relatives do. It is very well-designed and it is pleasant for everyday use.

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